We can build anything you need. From small backyard practice tracks, to full blown professional training tracks. We can build any style you need - just ask Travis Pastrana or Robbie Reynard. If you need a good track, HubertTrax is the only answer.
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Track Building
Building tracks in an ART.
Lucky for you, we’re really good at building tracks. We have been building motocross, supercross, arenacross, pitbike, freestyle, and anything else you can think of - for years. Hubert Rowland has traveled the world over building tracks and setting up stunts for the gang on Nitro Circus. You could be next.

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    Hi I'm Hubert aka Everyones favorite RedNek from Nitro Circus and Thrillbillies. Also builder of tracks and jumps for these shows. If ya need something built give me a shout.
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    Action Figures!
    Travis Pastrana is again utilizing Hubert's one-of-a-kind skills building jumps and things that we'll call jumps for the latest Nitro Circus joint - Action Figures.

    View the Action Figures trailer:
    "Action Figures is off the map! Check out the brain melting trailer."


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