We can build anything you need. From small backyard practice tracks, to full blown professional training tracks. We can build any style you need - just ask Travis Pastrana or Robbie Reynard. If you need a good track, HubertTrax is the only answer.
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Hubert RowlandHubert grew up in the great state of Tennessee, in a town called Lascassas. From an early age Hubert liked to build, fix, tinker and toy with just about anything he could get his hands on. He also liked riding things, like dirtbikes and soon Hubert's many passtimes would start to cross paths and lead him to a succesful career as a mechanic and track builder.

Hubert gained fame first as a mechanic and then as a builder of tracks, jumps, Hubert Rowland and Travis Pastranastunts and just about whatever he and his pal Travis Pastrana can dream up. Hubert met Travis in 2005, and Travis was impresed with Hubert and his mechanic skills. It wasn't long before Hubert was Travis' full time mechanic, and not much longer until Hubert became known as 'Everyone's Favorite Redneck' on the hit MTV television show Nitro Circus.

Nitro Circus castToday Hubert still works as Travis' mechanic on all things Pastrana, builds tracks and stunts and jumps all over the world. Hubert continues to grow his skills and has been building tracks and sets for Thrillbillies, and all dirt stunts in the Nitro Circus 3D movie.Hubert spends a lot of time traveling and working, but still finds time to come home to Tennessee whenever he can.

" There's just no place like home."